International Children's Day (Международный день защиты детей)

Nowadays it is hard to tell, why the first of June had been chosen as the International Day for Protection of Children. The one of the most common versions is that on this date in 1925 in San-Francisco the holiday for Chinese children-orphans was held. It was organized by the General Counsel of China and the Dragon Boat festival had been celebrating. Suddenly it occurred that the date if this Chinese holiday coincided with conference on childhood issues in Geneva.
Today this holiday even has its own flag. The symbol of the Earth surrounded by the colorful stylized human figures is posted in the center of the green background. These figures symbolize the diversity and tolerance. The Earth sign is a symbol of our planet.
The International Day for Protection of Children.
This holiday became very popular, especially in the socialist countries. In Soviet Union this day meant the beginning of the summer holidays. In its honor a variety of different activities were held, for example, sports competitions, premieres of children's films and broadcasts. There were also organized different speeches and discussions.
The children have the same amount of rights as the adults, but however there are plenty of their violations. For example, according to the sad statistics, dozens of millions of children still suffer from the lack of the medicines; die from the lack of the medical care. 100 millions of children do not have the ability to get the normal education due to the absence of special organizations. The enormous amount of children is homeless, suffering from the starvation; and in many well-developing countries the children are used as free labor and even are sold into slavery.
All these facts, with no doubt, have to encourage the adults to help children to solve their problems, to improve the level of children lives all around the world.
We have to start right now. And take care of children every day, every hour and every minute. Children is the future, happy children is the happy future. How many abandoned children and orphans?! They are almost everywhere, and unfortunately, the amount is rather big. Children cannot protect their rights themselves, they cannot by themselves improve the level and the quality of their lives, many of them do not even know what a happy life is, what it means to live in a normal family, to be loved by a mother and father, walking in the parks or to school, making a friendship with other children.